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Neverwinter is free MMO to play set in the Forgotten Realms universe

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написал 08.03.2019 в 21:59:43

Let's go back to talk about Neverwinter, the MMO free to play set in the Forgotten Realms universe. About six months ago we played Neverwinter base campaign, followed by the first expansion or module Fury of the Feywild. Cryptic Studios latest work is certainly not a masterpiece, but we were surprised by its accessibility and a fair amount of good ideas implemented to characterize an MMO set in the unforgettable setting of Forgotten Realms, awakening in us that nostalgia of fantasy pure that seems to latit in the most recent proposals, often contaminated by science fiction elements and more.

Then there was the Foundry: a real hotbed of ideas, as the name implies, which allows players to create their adventures and share them with the rest of the world. Moreover, Neverwinter is completely free: just register at the official website of the game and download the client to start playing, without having to buy anything. And the experience of leveling, faced without spending a penny despite the thousand possibilities to do it and make life easier, had left us quite satisfied, making us fly over the several technical flaws that afflicted the game.

We returned to explore Faerun a few weeks after the release of the new module, Shadowmantle, which on paper promised to significantly improve the quality of life and play. The first impact, however, was not really the most exciting: one of the most serious problems that we saw during the review was the heavy lag that characterized the most intense moments of the day, especially the early evening hours and the afternoon, and that we have discovered not to have improved almost for nothing.

The frequent disconnections and latency always above the lines have caused us not a little frustration, and the jolting comings of the other players certainly did not help us immerse ourselves in the game world. The situation improves significantly in the instanced areas, but a disconnection during a dungeon can still be fatal, and it is an event far fr om rare. It's a pity, because the story told in the expansion, through the usual dose of additional missions, is quite interesting and leads to a decisive face to face with Valindra Shadowmantle in person who questions the evolution of the game's story as, from the beginning, the lich in question had played the role of Big Bad by Neverwinter. For more information, visit pointssale.com wh ere you can buy cheap Neverwinter Zen. The cheapest Neverwinter Zen is waiting for you. Most of the new quests, unique or repeatable, take place in an unprecedented area, the Dread Ring: it is a rather disturbing scenario, perfect for the evil forces against which we must fight, which once again puts in good light the artistic direction of the game, offering particularly fascinating panoramas.


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